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What is hard on the outside, soft and tender on the inside, bold and brazen, and protective of life, love, and the American dream? The sexiest man alive, that’s what!

We all have our personal laundry list of what makes our ideal guy. But there are a few common characteristics we all seem to die for in a man; that give us goose-bumps and tingles all over whenever we see him or hear his voice; that makes us want to give up any sense of self and melt where we stand!

The sexiest man/men, alive, tend to make us literally lose our heads, rational perspective, and sometimes, self control. Inexplicably we lose all sense, common and otherwise. When we are fortunate to encounter one of these “sexiest men,” we flirt with the dramatic, and tend to toss caution to the wind. How do they do what they do to us?

Without a doubt, the sexiest man/men alive have “a look,” “a persona,” “a smell,” a “je ne sais quoi”!

Although different body types (small, medium, large, extra large … etc.) appeal to each of us differently, typically any image of a younger man with rock-solid abs, well-formed pecs, toso, and shoulders, slim waist, and muscular arms, thighs, and legs (oh, love those thighs!) gets our attention and triggers our imaginations. Sexy of course is not totally physical – although popular men ranked among “the sexiest” tend to be taller, chiseled, smooth-talking, and narrow-eyed.

Bobybuilder physiques do not appeal to everyone. For instance, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are far from bodybuilders.  But they have a persona – a way about them – how they move, their facial expressions, the off-angle half-smile, and a mischievous twinkle in their eye that flirts with us. Some men have a naturally sexy scent to them too. Others wear commercial scents subtlety and well.

Attitude and spirit are sexy, when not overdone, misused, or misplaced. Belligerence and obstinacy are not attractive. I can’t think of any instance when they are. Being argumentative or aggressive (as with a chip on one’s shoulder) screams insecurity and low esteem. This is not sexy! We want our men confident, assertive rather than aggressive, and able to make decisions (yes, even if they’re wrong). We aren’t so much concerned with our men leaping tall buildings in a single bound, as much as impressing upon us that they could if the situation warranted it! Its all in ‘tude.

A totally sexy man has a good grasp of language and knows how, when, and where to use it. Less is more. Cussing and derogatory slang and street-speak is less cool, and more an announcement of how the man views himself. A sexy man fits in, but keeps his individuality. It’s his uniqueness and style that makes him valuable and someone we want! Sexy men are not often demonstrative, especially not when a calm authority is needed or preferred. A sexy man conveys his thoughts in few words. And they are well-chosen, clearly conveyed, simple and plain. Sexy men do not often express themselves using metaphors, vague anomalies, or dynamically, “talk in tongues” or use large words to impress.  Our sexiest man alive has a humor that is understated. It is observant, smart, and funny, and not at the expense of others. Some of the sexiest men are also the funniest men we know. They aren’t concerned they might look silly. They can take a joke as well as deliver one. They are secure in themselves. And they make us feel better about the world and ourselves. They make us not take life so seriously.

Sexy men also tend to emphasize their words with their eyes/eyebrows or (if they’re lucky enough) a dimple and sly half-smile, or, stern jaw. Sexy men talk as much with their eyes and expressions as with their words. They are capable of exuding warmth, understanding, amusement, and love in a single look.

The sexiest man alive tends to paternally attract children and small animals! Whatever our sexy man “has” seems to exude out to the universe. He is helpful, and does not hesitate to lend a hand. He allows a child to bring out the gentility and kid in him. He is less involved in bonding than he is in enjoying the moment for what it is. And that is how the sexiest man alive interacts with his partner, lover, and friend. He is passionate about life and lives the moment to the fullest. He allows the memory of it to take care of itself. And it does.

When the sexy man is in a committed relationship, particularly married with children, he becomes even sexier. He assumes a responsibility that carries with it a particular authority and “power.” This returns us to citing the man’s ability to make judgments, decisions, resolutions, and solutions for the benefit of others. As a family man, he makes them for the benefit of his domain and domicile. A protective man is a sexy man.

The sexiest man alive engages in life and the people around him. That is not to say he is consumed. The sexiest man alive is humble and aloof, although not overtly. His aloofness is not a superiority, but rather, authority. His control is not forced or imposed. It is just who he is and what he does. As a king holds court in a natural unassuming fashion, so does the sexiest man alive have his “court” or admirers who want to be in his presence.

Conclusively, the sexiest man alive, is “real.” He has no more or less than any other man. But he does have a style and confidence that sets him apart from the rest. And that, we just can’t get enough of him!

Hugh 18

Creative Commons License photo credit: The Space Oddity


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